Mat Size: 2.08m (L) x 3m (W) x 6.35cm (D)

Usable Platform: 1.88m (L) x 2.84m (W) x 6.35cm (D)

Usable Roadway: 1.88m (L) x 3m (W) x 6.35cm (D)

Weight: 218.6 kgs/400psi per mat

Weight Load: 280 tonnes sq/m

Transportation: 120 mats per standard flat bed UK/Euro lorry load

Quality in Construction

Manufactured from top quality virgin HDPE non-conductive composite and tested against leading products in the market, the SignaRoad™ system is ranked #1 for strength, durability and traction. Using the very best materials means these premium long-lasting mats can be used on uneven surfaces and challenging terrain, in any climate, for loads of up to 400psi as well as cope with significantly more traffic than conventional composite mats.

Quality in Design

Providing additional strength and rigidity to the entire system, SignaRoad’s™ unique overlapping flange and solid perimeter design restricts mud, debris and fluids from encroaching onto the top of the mat, therefore keeping the surface dryer and cleaner for longer.

A compact 3-metre span means the mats can be used for narrow roads and in restricted areas. Ingeniously, the mats are reversible, with a pattern designed for vehicle movements on one side and pedestrian walkways on the other.

Efficiency and Economy

Quick and simple to install, the SignaRoad™ connection system features the strongest composite pin on the market. The one-part design with no bolts or screws speeds up installation and removal.

Lightweight design means easier handling, lower transport and installation costs, with no need for expensive equipment to move them around the site – therefore saving time when installing and breaking down. The mats will protect vehicles and equipment from damage incurred from unstable ground conditions. They are environmentally sustainable and eliminate cross contamination.